Keep an eye out for what Julian will be doing in 2019 on this web site. The recording with Lindsay Dracass is now finished. This is an album of Julian’s songs written especially for Lindsay. It is now available on itunes and other download sites with videos on YouTube on Lindsay Dracass’s  YouTube Chanel.  As for live gigs, look at the SHOWS page to see where Julian Will be playing including intimate solo gigs, Full band gigs and other ensembles. Julian has been working hard writing string arrangements for many of his songs and songs he has written for other artists. Check the SHOWS page for concerts with the Simply Strings string quartet.

All three albums, Multi-coloured CanyonsNostalgia Blue and One Shoe on and One Shoe off  are available to download on all major download sites.

A new video of the song I’d be your world. Is now available to watch on YouTube so keep a look out for that.

Many thanks


5 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. Hi,
    Please send my deepest thanks to Julian for the lift up from grindleford cafe to the NT house from the old tired definitely not size 8 lady.
    As suggested Julian I have listened and I like your music.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Julian been a regular at the Regent in Donny for a few years but saw you solo at Jinksys in Epworth. Loved uour music and banter. I called out Josh Tuner’s name when you couldn’t remember who sang the song. We’re at the Regent tonight and will come and see more of your solo and band gigs. Thanks for the great music!

    • Hi Tim. Thanks for that. Yes, I don’t usually do that song at my gigs but glad you could remember it for me. Keep looking in my Shows page on here for my gigs. Hope to see you again. Cheers.

  3. Hi Julian, saw you with Collection in Dinnington and very much enjoyed your music, and at Birkfest. We would like to go Cross Scythes 15th Sept, can we just get tickets on the door please.

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