About Julian

Julian Jones is a singer/songwriter and musician from Sheffield, England. You can listen to Julian's songs by visiting the apple iTunes store and searching Julian Jones. There are three albums available for download. 'One Shoe On and One Shoe Off' 'Nostalgia Blue' and 'Multi-coloured Canyons' Julian was back in the studio through 2018 recording material he has written for singer Lindsay Dracass. You can now download the single 'Not Mine' on itunes and other download sites and the full album, 'Waiting For You' which was released in Feb 2019. You can find out about gigs on the 'Shows' page with Julian and Lindsay. We hope you enjoy browsing this website and keep looking out for more information. Videos and more photos will be uploaded in due course so keep in touch. Many thanks The Admin Team

How to buy Julian’s music

Julian’s three albums can all be downloaded on itunes and other download sites. Listen to Multi-couloured Canyons now on Spotify, itunes, Deezer, Amazon… A hard copy of the CD’s can be ordered by signing up to the mailing list on the home page of this site or leave a message with you email.